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Datum: 07.11.2019 | Vložil: HowardVeish

Better run defense will be a priority. The Redskins netted 161 yards on the ground, higher than the average of 121 the Dolphins allowed last year, when they ranked 24th in the NFL and didn't have $114 million tackle Ndamukong Suh.
"Somebody sent me a picture the day we drafted him," Fox said this week. "I know I barely recognize myself, (but) he looks pretty much the same. The guy's taken great care of himself. Anybody with longevity in this league does."
Mom will be watching.
"I don't walk in the spirit of fear at all in any shape or form in my life. Never have, never will," he said. "So we'll see. That's yet to be determined."
Alexander could have sat the game out.

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